Porting Doom

December 15, 2020

Doom running on SnowflakeOS Some things in life are inevitable. The passing of seasons, the fall of empires, and the porting of Doom to random platforms. In this post, we’ll investigate this last phenomenon, and how it came to happen in SnowflakeOS.

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Filesystems for dummies

October 17, 2020

Showing off the flex new background Welcome to a new post from this very irregular blog! After busy summer holidays spent hiking in the Pyrenees, college has begun again and with it, the peace required for osdev work to resume. Last time I worked on SnowflakeOS, I’d gone all in on UI work, left unfinished and unpolished. Having entirely forgotten about that work, I booted up the project and thought: “why no files? let there be files”, and now, files sort of are. Let’s see how they work, and how they don’t.

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A terminal, at last

May 24, 2020

picture Let’s face it, it’s hard to get excited about a kernel from just barebone demos of barely functional systems. In this article, I propose a radical solution: actually implementing useful userspace programs, namely a terminal, and ye old copycat of paint.

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A need for speed

May 08, 2020

thumbnail At the end of the last post we had a pretty solid memory allocator. Where does that take us though? Well in some cases, making hundreds of small allocations can lead to thousandfold improvements. Today, we reach for performance!

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Taming memory allocators

March 07, 2020

Current state of the GUI Today I’ll be writing about memory allocation, a fairly fundamental topic, perhaps one that most encounter faily early in their OS development journey. Yet I’ve only now started to really get into it, now that I feel like it’s needed. And it turned out to be fun after all!

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Room for graphical improvement

December 30, 2019

Current state of the GUI In the last post, I presented the first working version of SnowflakeOS’s window manager. While it worked, it had[1] a few important shortcomings.

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Graphics: from pixels to windows

December 15, 2019

Current state of the GUI With SnowflakeOS starting to have more of the pieces a proper hobby OS should have, it was time to make this state of affair visible from the outside. Graphics! Ironically, by switching away from text mode, we lose the immediate ability to print text, but as you’ll see we’re going to get it all back. At some point anyway; what’s presented here is the beginning of this process.

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Mouse support and other PS/2 shenanigans

October 14, 2019

Keyboard and mouse both working At the beginning of last week, I was looking over my keyboard code, still wondering what kind of interface could be exposed to userspace and be useful, and also wondering why my scan codes seemed to have no physical relation to any known keyboard layouts.
So I went over to OSDev’s article about PS/2 keyboards, which sent me to the article about the PS/2 controller, and I knew I wanted to do things properly, and at the same time, gain mouse support.

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On context switching and C programs in userland

October 06, 2019

Executing garbage In the last post, I discussed how I implemented collaborative execution in SnowflakeOS through the iret instruction. Well, at that time the implementation wasn’t finished, even though I thought it was: I wasn’t restoring general purpose registers. This led to some pretty nice bugs, as pictured above.

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Getting to userspace - and back !

September 29, 2019

Userspace printing Before now, SnowflakeOS ran entirely in kernel mode, or ring 0. Now, the time has come for it to move on to better places, those of userland, also called ring 3.
The transition to having processes roam free in ring 3 was mostly made in the series of commits from here to there, and I encourage readers[1] to check them out.

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Setting up the environnement

September 21, 2019

The very first step to working on SnowflakeOS again was to setup the environment: download the sources and the tools to build them. Here’s a quick rundown.

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The absolute state of SnowflakeOS

September 21, 2019

In my first run in summer 2015, I programmed the components listed in the following categories, pretty much in that order. I’ve barely touched them since, so explaining each of them here should help me get some knowledge back.

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