> “It is very special”

SnowflakeOS is a hobby OS written in C for the x86 architecture. I started it in 2015 with the goal of learning about the inner workings of operating systems, and to program low-level stuff for the fun of it. It was on pause for a few years, resumed, and will probably continue that cycle for a good long while.


  • Learning stuff,
  • Explaining stuff,
  • Keeping it running

Note that I don’t intend to have the best scheduler, the best GUI, or great performance: they will likely be terrible; but I want to have working versions of them, and if possible, I want them to look cool.

About this blog

I’m writing this blog to document my progress and share some of the cool things I come across in the world of OS development. If you learn anything reading one of my posts, that’d be awesome.
However, I’m not an expert and I will surely make mistakes, which I’ll try to correct as I go - at the very least I’ll highlight them. If you spot any, please tell me!

I’d love to get feedback, on anything! You’ll find my email through my GitHub profile linked below. I’m also on Keybase if you’re into that.

About the author

I’m a final year engineering student from France, passionate about all things programming, math, long distance hiking and cinema.